When I take your photos, I want you to choose me for more than just the image we create together.

My hope is to make you feel comfortable enough that we get those raw + real moments. The moments of laughter, tears, excitement, and genuine smiles.

I want us to be friends and share your most cherished moments along with you! So here are a few random things to get to know me 👇🏻

• Road trips are my jam. Rarely ever do I say no to a spontaneous vacation or quick get away. Just give me snacks and good music and let’s go!

• Yellow is my favorite color. ☀️🌻

• I can’t keep my plants alive. I mean, they’re alive but more like surviving. SOS.

• Usually the first one up with a cup of coffee in hand and the first one to fall asleep... especially if you put a movie on. Don’t expect me to make it past the beginning credits. 😴

• I think sushi is overrated... I said what I mean. 😂 You won’t catch me eating raw fish unless I look like 🤢

• Full believer of random kitchen dancing. Sometimes you just gotta shake it out 😜

Now, tell me something I might not know about you👇🏻

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Friends, meet my friends! I've been holding onto this news for months now, waiting for the perfect time to tell the world. I've realized there is no perfect time or reason to wait for the first Monday of any given month to begin anything. So here I am just announcing TODAY, because I don't want to wait another minute.

Last year, I mentored Brittany a few times and quickly realized that I knew I have the tools to help her learn and grow in her photography journey. Then, the busiest year of my life came in my business and I knew I couldn't keep doing what I'm doing solo. Thus, the idea of growing my team came to be.

I have worked with and known Tyff for many years, and have seen what artistic talent she has on her personal Instagram. I loved her composition, angles, and photos that she has taken with just her iPhone. Tyff has mentioned wanting to learn how to use a camera a few times to me, and again, I just felt passionate that I could teach her what she needs to know in settings and numbers and light so that she has the tools to create the art that she is so great at already!

I've known for awhile that I wanted to step into the role of teaching, and I couldn't shake this feeling of wanting to help these two women grow into their own. I never wanted them to be "employees" forever, but instead envisioned each woman blossoming into her own brand and business.

Putting all of these dreams and ideas together has taken months of introspection, fear, doubt, passion, and planning. But in the end, I KNOW that I can help these women live their dreams and help them become even better photographers! My goal? To have these beautiful women work with me for a year and then spread their wings and fly into their own success!

What does this mean for Ashton Leigh Photo? I now have associate photographers that are bookable by all Ashton Leigh Photo Clients! Brittany has years of experience already and is ready to book sessions immediately, and Tyff will be ready to shoot in only a few months! These two beauties have all of the same knowledge that I have, because I have taught them myself! You will receive the same experience, edits, and pictures that you've come to love with Ashton Leigh photo. We can't wait to work with you! Contact us now for intro rates with Brittany, and stay tuned to have the opportunity to work with Tyff!

Thank you for your continued support of Ashton Leigh Photo. I wouldn't be able to live this dream without each and every one of you!

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ZRP was revamping their website and needed all new cohesive photos for their e-commerce sales. I got to go in and hang with the guys in the shop and shoot all of their products, including some t-shirts and hats. We shot over 300 products and combinations! Phew! I love the colors of a lot of their products and had so much fun with these!

Do you need new product photos for your website?! I'd love to work with you!

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