• Ashton

Valentine Minis 2020

I've been doing Valentine Mini Sesions for 5 years now, and they get cuter every year, I swear! I don't do a lot of festive mini sessions- but this year might just change! I had so much interest in them, and I love getting to see all of your cute kiddos dressed up. The 10 minute slot is the PERFECT length- the kids are cooperative and give me lots of attention at the beginning of sessions, and then open up to that silly side about 5 minutes in. We get those cute posed shots, and then some with their personality, too! Kids lose their attention span after about 10 minutes and are more into the props and toys, so this 10 minute slot is the money spot!

You might not think I can get much done in only 10 minutes, BUT I CAN OVERDELIVER even 10 minutes. Depending on the number of kids in these sessions, I delivered anywhere from 12-32 photos to my Valentine Mini clients this year.

You tell me if you think these aren't photos you want of your kiddos?!

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