• Ashton

Tommi Abbott\ Ogden, Utah Senior

Ummmm.... since when were seniors THIS pretty?! The best part about Tommi? She's really this cute + smiley in real life!! Her huge smile and beautiful teeth make every picture so warm, and you can just FEEL her beauty through the photos.

Tommi and I met at a high school dance session I did for a group of kids last year. She was show-stopping then, and she's even more beautiful now. I've said it before, but these dance sessions I've started doing have led me to the most amazing high school groups. I love being around them, and end up leaving as friends in their circle.

Tommi's mom and little sis came up for the shoot, and I loved getting to know them. Aren't moms and daughters the best? It makes me want a little girl even more, because daughters become your best friends as you get older. These three were so fun to be around.

I wish I would have captured mom + sister huddling up behind a statue when the wind started to blow! All while poor Tommi was braving the cold without even a jacket for the pictures!!

I'm so grateful that these guys drove up from Ogden for their session. I'm kind of bias, but I'd say it was soooo worth it!

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