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The Summers Family| Logan, UT Family Photographer

Sit and think about the nicest family you've ever met. Got someone in mind?? Now multiply that by 10, and that's exactly how sweet the Summer's Family is! I've known Bonnie and Jackson for years from our CrossFit gym, and those two alone are enough to sweeten the pot!

Bonnie asked me to do their family pictures, and I was sooooo excited. They have land out in Paradise, which is a local little heaven up here in Cache Valley. It's all open fields, farm property, mountains, and animals. Seriously.... HEAVEN!

We took a little hike down by the river on some of their land, stopped by some of their horses for a few pictures, and then headed down by the daisies. It was magical. There was just something about the nicest family and the amazing light we had this night. I'm in love with them.

To top it all off, I got to help Jackson and Courtney take some pictures for their adoption journey. We lost the "I" for the letterboard, so we had to doctor it up with some flower and flower petals. It turned out so perfectly, though. I think it happened on purpose. ;)

Thank you for having me, Bonnie, I loved spending time with your sweet family.

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