• Ashton

The Sharps

You know those people in your life, the one's that just make it better? The ones who continually support you no matter what? These two have been just that for me. I've known them just over a year, and we've already had 4 SHOOTS!! Talk about support!!

I met Ky and Tanner at CrossFit where I just fell in love with them. They are seriously the nicest people. Who gets to be nice AND this good lookin'?! #notfair

I love Kylee's love for pictures, and Tanner may or may not loathe it. ;) He's such a good sport, though. He makes the sessions so much fun, and he really is relaxed and awesome once we get to taking pictures.

Plus.....SAGE. I mean, C'MON man! Does it get any better than a shoot with your dog?!

I've been with Kylee through two graduations now. She graduated from nursing school in the fall of 2018, and then quickly turned around and finished out her Bachelor's in Nursing Science in spring of 2018, all while working full time as a nurse! Like, who does that?!

Naturally, we had a fake champagne party to celebrate. ;)

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