• Ashton

The Sharp Family | Logan, Utah Family Photographer

The world is a small place, right?! I'm from Idaho and moved to Utah about 16 years ago, so most of my friends and acquaintances now are all from Cache Valley. When the Sharp family contacted me to shoot their family photos, I didn't know them. As we got to chatting throughout our session, though, we found we had a lot in common!

Vivian grew up in Idaho, and come to find out took many years of piano lessons from my grandma! Small world!! And Brad, their son, is one of my brother's best friends! Smaller world!!

Long story short, these guys were the sweetest family. It took some work to get everyone in one place at the same time, but I promise it's always worth it!! I am so grateful I got to you know, Sharp family! Thank you for trusting me with your family photos!

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