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The Howard Family \ Logan Utah Family Photographer

Bigger IS better! Did you know that I am the oldest of S-E-V-E-N kids?! If you asked me growing up how I felt about it, I probably would have done some sort of grumble and eyeroll. Now that we are all grown, I absolutely LOVE getting together as a family. So when people hire me for their extended family sessions, I actually get excited for the chaos and inside jokes we're about to have together!

Part of this sweet family came down from Malta, Idaho for their session. If you don't know where the heck Malta is, don't worry, I didn't either! I had to google Malta to find out it is a small town just outside of Burley, Idaho. Who knew??

We did a mini family session for the Howard family, followed by our group pictures with the entire family. As we were heading to our meeting spot in downtown Logan, I arrived to the building being completely renovated and torn apart! We had to re-route and ended up at Utah State University campus. I'd say we ended up at the PERFECT location!

These guys are the absolute CUTEST!

Wyatt is 11 and he has the funniest personality! He was definitely the most shy at first, but once he warmed up, he let his personality do allll the talkin'!

Kynnlee is the sweetest girl. She's 9 and just has the most beautiful smile! I seriously wanted to take her home with me. She's exactly what I'd want a daughter to be.

Jessie is a ball of spunk! I could tell from the moment we started with pictures that she was a dancer and had been through a few photo sessions throughout her life! She was a natural in front of the camera and has the most beautiful eyes!

William was a quiet little dude, but if I asked him to smile, that's exactly what he did. He charmed me with those pretty blues all night!

Brody wanted nothing to do with me! I chased him around for about 10 minutes, and not once did he crack a smile in my direction! When we were done with the session, I busted out my treat stash for the kids, and then he decided we could be friends! Typical boy....

We had a blast roaming up around campus. Sunday is definitely the day to take pictures up on campus, there wasn't a soul in sight.

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