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The Hamblin Family | Snowy Winter Family Photos

Meet the Hamblin Family! This sweet family made my winter wonderland dreams come true when they opted for an outdoor winter session!! I've been photographing cute Molly since she was born, and I have LOVED watching her grow! Our session was her 9 month mark exactly, too!!

We started this session outside in the beautiful snow we've gotten this year. We took some cute group photos outside, did a little bit of exploring on the bridge over the river, and then we bundled up and headed over to their house for the rest of our session. This was the PERFECT balance for a winter session with little kids!!

Kids tend to get a bit grumpy end up crying in a lot of sessions when they are cold, so there are always a few suggestions I have for shooting with little kids in the snow or colder evenings:

1. Make it a "mini". Mini sessions are the perfect way to get some great photos in a short amount of time. The cold usually hits about 20-30 minutes after you've been hanging out outside, so we can make some magic for a little bit, and then you can head home where it's warm before anybody gets upset! Win!

2. Take all or part of your session indoors. We can start outside and get those dreamy outdoor shots, and then head to a studio or your home for the rest of the session. I love the intimacy of an in-home session, because its all you and your home and your family and your people.

3. Take car breaks. If you absolutely have to, just plan on leaving the car running and have the kids take turns outside and then spending time in the car with blankets warming up. Be aware, though, that this will only last for a little while. Once they realize they can stay in the car and be warm, some kids don't do well with having to get back outside into the cold air again!!

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