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The Burch Family | Utah Lifestyle Family Photographer

When Melissa asked me to do their family photos again, I was immediately stoked. If someone asked me who my ideal client was, I'd immediately say the Burch family. I love their raw + realness, and feel like I connect with them emotionally on some level.

Nate is a tattoo artist, and it always psychs me out a little when I'm photographing another artist, because... THE PRESSURE! Melissa is a yoga instructor and I've worked with her for commercial work many times before, and she's just as beautiful as she is graceful. Then, there's Flora. Flora is my spirit animal, and I could sit and listen to her chatter all the live long day. She'll tell you story after story, and I just want to know where it is all coming from! Then, there's little Lola, who is just the sweetest little shy thing. She's such an observer, but when she loves something, she loves it hard. She was pretty stingy with the smiles throughout their session, but once we brought out the Elsa and Ana stories and dolls, she couldn't smile hard enough!

I loved getting to do something a little outside the box from what I normally get to do, and this session is my all-time-number-one-favorite-EVERRRRRR. How's that for ideal client?

We ended the session outside with their chickens, since Flora insisted on getting one taken with them, and I kinda love them the most!

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