• Ashton

The Beck Family | Herriman, Utah Family Photographer

I get to call this beautiful family MY family! Rachel is my cousin, and growing up we were always mistaken as sisters and/or twins! I'll take that as a win, look how gorgeous this girl is.

Sam and Rachel are so funny!! I seriously love following them on Instagram... Rachel is the best at posting those "real life" funny, yet not actually funny parenting moments... if ya know what i mean...

I may be slightly biased, but I think these guys make the CUTEST babies!! A few days after I sent them their gallery, I got this message from Rachel: "I need a refund, these were not the results I wanted..." along with a screenshot from a text message with Sam that said "Let's get pregnant, I'm up here looking at these pictures and I want more."

Now if that's not a reason to have family photos taken, I don't know WHAT is!!

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