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Sorensen Family | Spiral Jetty Family Photographer

Here's another successful Spiral Jetty Session. I can't stress it enough, but heading out to an epic destination for photos is never a bad idea! I love the neutral palate that the Spiral Jetty gives your photos, the room your kids have to run and explore, and the light that comes at sunset is unbeatable.

Keri and Adam have the two most adorable girls on the planet. I haven't photographed Ellie since she was a baby, so it was fun to get to see her cute little personality show through now that she's a few years older! Their oldest, Emaly, is one of my favorite kids on the planet. If you could just hear her "growly" voice, you'd know exactly why I am obsessed with her. She's got a ton of personality, and the cutest little curls ever.

The wind picked up toward the end of our session, but we just placed them so the wind was blowing the hair out of the girls' faces, and I am in love with the way they turned out. The way the light is hitting their hair as the wind is blowing it.... are you kidding me??

We ended the session heading out towards the water as the sun was setting. I took this opportunity to take some different types of photos, and I'm obsessed with the way they turned out. Bright colors that the sun was projecting out over the water as the girls played? Just stop it right now. Next time I get my family pictures taken, I'm definitely heading out to the spiral jetty.... who's with me??

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