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Sydney| Salt Lake City Senior Photographer

Meet Sydney. She's my niece, but she's also the most talented actress and beautiful girl. It's still strange to call her my niece, because she feels old and mature enough to just be my friend.

When I was dating Jared, the first time he took me to meet his family was at Sydney's baptism. She was 8 then, which means we've been together for 10 years now! Holy crap I'm old! :)

Sydney has been acting for years, and is always the star of the show. She's got a love for music, art, and is so creative in general. She did her own makeup for our session, and it looks like it was done by a professional. She's got talent, that girl.

While we were all together, we did snap some family photos as well. I just love spring family photos. The green and florals just can't be beat. Add in the perfect family, and you get magic.

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