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Roghaar Family | Wellsville, UtahFamily Photographer

Shortly after finishing a course on the Magic of Light, I shot these beautiful images with the Roghaar family. I met up with them in one of my go-to locations this year, and saw the light in a whole different way.

I learned that Mike and Erin also love to explore the outdoors, and frequently take Hatch on hikes and adventures. I admire when parent's take their kids outdoors and let them learn through natural curiosity and exploration. It's something that I wish I was better at with my own two kids.

Little Hatch settled down for a few photos in the first few minutes of our session, but he decided quickly that he just wanted to explore. Rather than fighting him to sit still for pictures, we did just that.... explored. I used this as an opportunity to search for new and interesting angles and light. I climbed my way down the side of a pretty steep hill to get these sky shots, and they are some of my favorites of the entire session.

When you let your children take the lead during family photo sessions, you are letting go of pressures that make them tense up, resent having their pictures taken, and end up in tears. I will forever direct kids to do whatever it is that makes them happiest, whether that's running circles around mom and dad, playing a game, or just snuggling in tight with their mama.

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