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Ridgeline High Cheer Team 2019

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

First off, let's start by just taking a moment of silence for these gorgeous girls. I'm sure you've heard someone around you mention how it's unfair that teens now are so much more beautiful than we were growing up, and I'd have to agree after spending the evening with these ladies. The beauty factor was off the charts!

I was floored when one of the cheer moms reached out to me to do the ridgeline cheer pictures (imposter syndrome anyone??). I mean, I was THRILLED, but terrified all at the same time. We scheduled a date, and the rest is history.

We began at the football field with group photos, and then took individual photos in their cheer outfits. 39 girls and guys in one place, and we made it happen. Then, we headed over to the vines where the true magic happened. The girls just kept saying how it felt like a fairyland, and it did. The green was so vibrant, and their tan skin + white outfits just made the PERFECT combination. I go back and drool at these pictures when I can, because I still can't believe it's a real place!

The best part was watching my instagram flood in with these beautiful images once I delivered the gallery. There's nothing that makes a photographer happier than seeing their work adored, shared, and printed. So grateful for the relationships I've made with so many of my high school girls these last few years.

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