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Raym Family | Tony Grove Family Session

The Raym family is one of the classiest families I've ever met. Michelle and John are hilarious and just so sweet. Their kids are full of personality, which I love, and watching them laugh with their kids just makes me feel like parenting pre-teens won't be so terrifying!

About halfway through the session, Em was telling me that her mom wasn't stylish, and I just laughed because Michelle is SO classy and stylish! I love her taste, and adore their whole family!

This little Sawyer is a HAM! It radiates, even through pictures, he just loves to be going and doing and chatting and making everyone laugh. I asked his parents who he got his personality from, and they both pointed fingers the opposite direction! ;)

I love seeing families grow together. It felt like just yesterday we were doing their pictures in the Zollinger orchard last year, and they didn't even skip a beat. So grateful for these guys, and thanks for keeping me entertained all night Raym family!

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