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Picture This!

I get people asking me all the time what to wear for their picture sessions. I keep it pretty simple when giving instructions.

1. Pick mostly neutral colors. If you're anything like me, your house has ever-changing decor. Neutral colors make it easy to make your pictures fit in with any space you decide to change up!

2. Keep prints and patterns to a minimum. Most floral prints are adorable in person, but throw them into a photograph and they just become distracting. Simple stripes, solid colors, and neutral colored prints are usually picture-perfect. Leave those graphic tees and bold prints for your night out on the town!

3. ONE bold statement piece per session. I LOVE when one person wears a stunning color that just pops. If you're going to a show-stopper, make one piece stand out. A bright dress on mom is my favorite, because she rarely gets a chance to shine!

4. Accessorize!! It's all in the details...you've heard this one before. Adding a vest, scarf, bow tie, beanie, necklace that means the world to you, the statement shoes you love, or cardigan just give the picture more variety. Bring along props that you envision if you've got a specific shot you want in mind. These make it easy to add different looks to your session as well. We can always do some with and without these accessories, and we can get detail shots of the pieces that you hold near and dear!

What it boils down to is this: If you feel comfortable and beautiful, you're going to love your pictures. Usually this means finding something that mom feels best in, and then build everyone else around that!

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