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Photography Tip: How to Pick a Good Location for Photos

There are many different factors to consider when looking for a location to shoot your next session. It all comes down to what type of light you are looking for! When scouting, I typically look for the following elements for my family photo workflow:

1. A wide open area. I especially love shooting family photos in a wide open field or area. This gives me plenty of room to scoot back for a wide open look, and then bring myself in closer as we go to get those detail shots.

I like to start with the sun directly facing my family and shoot in the bright sunlight. This gives my finished gallery a little variety, too.

2. Something to filter the light through. This will help you when the sun is still a bit high, but you want to place it behind your subjects to get that golden hazy look. Some great ideas to look for are tall trees, buildings, or hills/mountains.

If you place the sun directly behind a tall tree, it will help filter so you don't get that glare of the sun coming directly into your lens (which will flare or add a harsh haze in your photo).

3. Somewhere with a stunning background. We are super lucky in Cache Valley to have so many mountains surrounding us. Finding a location with the perfect view of the mountains behind you can't be beat. We have access to many canyons, as well as open areas with the mountains in the distance. Other stunning things to look for can be: wildflowers in the spring, a grove of blooming trees, an open field of golden grass, a pretty colorful tree, some interesting buildings and walls, or stunning evergreen trees in the winter.

Find a colorful tree to place directly behind your clients in those up close shots to add some depth and pops of color.

If you look for all of these elements, you will be able to deliver a gallery full of interesting photos full of variety. Pay attention to the lighting in your location along with the backgrounds, and you will find spots that clients will ask you to re-visit over and over again.

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