• Ashton

Owen Girls |Utah Child Photographer

This session was just good for my soul. These girls were as spunky as my two boys, so they made me feel right at home. I promised them we'd dance, play, and run, and that's exactly what we did.

I let them be in charge of the music station and you should have seen the dance moves they pulled out. The pictures show the totally awesome dance moves they were busting out, and I was cracking up the whole time.

These girls are so not shy. I loved getting to just let loose and play for an hour without having to worry about anything other than capturing their darling personalities (which they were DEFINITELY not lacking!).

We ended the session with a game of hide and seek with their mom. This was seriously the cutest thing ever, they were all about tackling mom and racing through the field. I loved every single image we got from this session, it just tells their story. Two wild girls playing their way through life.

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