• Ashton

Oare Family | Wellsville, Utah Family Photographer

Remember when I broke 1,000 instagram followers and did a huge giveaway for a session?? This beautiful family was the lucky winner, and just LOOK how gorgeous they are!

I've known Matt and Annie for quite awhile, and knowing that Annie sells makeup, I just KNEW that she would knock it out of the park with the styling for their session. Of course she did, just look at how cute they all are!! These dark pops of color around this light background was pure perfection! And let's talk about her makeup!! So good, right?

It was one of those fall nights where the second the sun went down, the temperature dropped 20 degrees. These boys were troopers, though. We had to take a couple quick car warming breaks, but when they boys came back out, we just wrapped up in blankets, and these were some of my favorite images from the entire session.

These quiet mama moments are probably my favorite thing to capture. I think this sums up motherhood pretty darn well, and it's something I never want to forget... even though it's damn hard.

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