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Nielson Family\ Logan, Utah Family Photographer

Remember my sweet friend, Tia, who we were raising money for last December when she went through a late miscarriage and almost lost her life? I did a mini-session fundraiser to help raise money for sweet Tia and her family, and Makenzi didn't hesitate for one second to sign up for this.

This session was even MORE special, because Tia is a local makeup artist, now on her recovery journey. Tia was well enough to be able to do Makenzi's makeup for this session as well, so she got to be a part of this session and help make Makenzi drop dead GORGEOUS!

All Weston wanted to do was run up the hill with me. I did it once and was completely out of breath! Basically, I was chasing him the entire time, and got a few extra steps in for the day! ;) So worth it, though... check out that smile laugh!!

I love sessions with small boys! We get rough + rowdy, and I love the chaos of it all. My favorite pictures are usually the full-belly laughs from tickle fights or games of tag.

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