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My Family Photos 2019

Photographers are the first to preach that we don't care what you show up to your session looking like, we just want you there. I know that getting ready for sessions can be stressful- from picking outfits to getting ready, to physically getting to your family to the session, there are a lot of places that things can go awry.... And that's exactly what happened this year for my family photo session.

We originally had photos scheduled with a photographer in SLC that I've always dreamed of hiring. I was stoked. Welll... long story short, I had a conflict come up with my own photography business and ended up having to cancel our session two days before. I was out all of my money, and still didn't have pictures.

Fast forward to November... my other favorite photographer posted she had a mini session open last minute, and I quickly signed up. I had 3 days to prepare, which wasn't a huge deal since I had already bought outfits for everyone a few months prior. The day of our session came, I had planned on getting myself ready, then picking Brandt up from school on the way to Smithfield. Everything was perfectly timed and planned... until Brandt got on the bus instead of coming out to the car. I waited at the front of the school for about 15-20 minutes, giving him the benefit of the doubt that he would still be coming out to meet me. I've never picked him up before, so I wasn't sure if he should have come out or not. Once the buses started pulling away, I knew I was in trouble.

I called my husband, who was also supposed to be home and ready to go, but showed up at the time we needed to be leaving. He waited for Brandt at the bus stop and headed over once he got home. He called me as Brandt got off the bus, and it was only 5 minutes until we were supposed to be starting our mini session. I was devastated. I knew it would take him about 20 minutes to get to where we were shooting, and our mini session was only 30 minutes long.

When I got there, I had tears in my eyes, and told Sami that I was sooo sorry. She was understanding, and just took me aside and asked if we could do some of just me while we waited. Once Jared and Brandt got there, we started shooting. I knew we would still have some photos that I would love, and we made the best of the time we had left. I'm always a fan of Sami Jo's work, and this was no exception. I love her + I love these photos. Thank you for always being amazing, Sami.

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