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Meet Tyff | Ashton Leigh Associate

When I take your photos, I want you to choose me for more than just the image we create together.

My hope is to make you feel comfortable enough that we get those raw + real moments. The moments of laughter, tears, excitement, and genuine smiles.

I want us to be friends and share your most cherished moments along with you! So here are a few random things to get to know me 👇🏻

• Road trips are my jam. Rarely ever do I say no to a spontaneous vacation or quick get away. Just give me snacks and good music and let’s go!

• Yellow is my favorite color. ☀️🌻

• I can’t keep my plants alive. I mean, they’re alive but more like surviving. SOS.

• Usually the first one up with a cup of coffee in hand and the first one to fall asleep... especially if you put a movie on. Don’t expect me to make it past the beginning credits. 😴

• I think sushi is overrated... I said what I mean. 😂 You won’t catch me eating raw fish unless I look like 🤢

• Full believer of random kitchen dancing. Sometimes you just gotta shake it out 😜

Now, tell me something I might not know about you👇🏻

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