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McInerney Family | Utah State Family Photos

Sean and Maggie moved into our neighborhood a few years ago, and their son Brayden has been best buds with our boys for a few years now. We love having them down the road, and we are lucky to have such close friends for Brandt and Bo!

We headed up to Utah State for some family photos. I had this great idea to go on Old Main Hill and shoot some photos of them walking casually through those tall evergreen trees on the hill. We had to scoot down some snow to get to the trees, and the second their family started walking, they all started sliding and falling! TOTAL FAIL! We hustled off the hill and made it safely to the sidewalk for some walking photos, but we have a great story to tell now!

Maggie brought two sets of clothes for each of the kids. She had their "family photo" outfits, and then she let each of them choose an outfit that fit their own personality. Cute Adleigh came ALIVE when she got all of her cheetah print on! I can't even handle her! I loved this idea, and I'm going to have to remember this for some photos of my kiddos in the future!!

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