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Makayla | Logan, Utah Senior Photographer

Guys, meet Makayla. Makayla and I met at CrossFit years ago! She started coming to the gym when she was 13-14, so it's blowing my mind that she's graduating now!!

Knowing Makayla, I knew before we even started that we would make magic together. She's definitely a free spirit, and I LOVE how that turns out on camera. We got to roam through the GORGEOUS flowers all over Wellsville, and through Hyrum, ending over at hyrum dam. We got so much diversity with all of our locations, and I'd shoot these same spots over and over if the flowers would stay around!

I scouted for locations for her session for 3 HOURS earlier in the day! I think I visited every acre of land through Wellsville, but it was SO worth it. These are some of my favorite pictures I've taken. The tree we shot at was in someone's yard. I actually had my eye on the blooms on the tree next door, but once we showed up, we both decided the light and location of this little tree out front of a cute little Hyrum house so good!

I am so grateful that Makayla trusted me with these pictures. Senior pictures are so important, it's such a huge transition, and it deserves to be documented! It was last minute, but we DID IT! Happy graduation week Makayla!!

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