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Kylee Ann Destination Sleepover Review

When Kylee Ann Studios posted that her next destination workshop was in Hawaii, I knew I HAD to be on board. I've looked up to Kylee for years, and watched her grow from a beginner photographer into a wedding photographer, into running a full-time associate team, so I knew that I could learn so much from her..... PLUS.... HAWAII?!?! Yessssssss.

I've told you before that the number one thing I did to completely change my business was to invest in education, and this destination workshop was one of the biggest and best things I did this year. Not only did broaden my knowledge of the technical side of photography, I grew my "circle" tenfold while I was there. I got to meet local vendors (yes, even clear over in Hawaii) like She She Design, and Smakerel Events, Staghead Designs, and Makeup by Katelyn. I made new photog friends (hello Hiliary and Lindy) and got to know Kylee even better than I did before.

I've always loved Kylee's "community over competition" vibe, and I'd say growing my friendship with her is easily the best "networking" I've done for my business. She's my go-to gal for any question I have about pricing, editing, business advice, software malfunctions, ANYTHING. Kylee is always great to send me a quick message to help me out and never leaves me feeling like I've interrupted her or asked something that should be off limits.

If you are on the fence about which education to invest in this upcoming year, Kylee is taking her destination sleepover to Washington next year, and you betcha I'll be there! Come with me, and let's grow together!!

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