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Johnson Family | Utah State University Campus Photos

Here's the cutest Johnson family!! They contacted me to photograph their family, and wanted a "different" location than your typical fall locations. I usually have a few go-to suggestions, and once I brought up shooting on campus at Utah State, they decided this was perfect since they both work at USU!

They have the cutest little spunk, Collette, who was LOVING being in front of the camera. It's sessions like this that really make me sad that I don't have a little girl to dress up and twirl around with. The best part of being a photographer is getting to soak up all of the goodness from other people's kids, and getting to explore each of their personalities. I just loved getting to hang out with Collette, her smile was so bright and cheerful.

I loved that Heather brought a cute banner and wreath along for their session. I don't get to do things like this often, so I always welcome any ideas you have for your sessions! Tell me this doesn't make the most perfect Christmas card picture EVER!!

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