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How To: Sell Your House with Ease

I have recently started photographing homes for sale for local real estate agents. My mom has been a realtor for about 15 years, and I love that this has come full circle so that I can now work alongside her and so many other realtors that I know and love!

One thing you can do to help your house sell quickly is to get professional listing photos taken. Some realtors include this in their fees, so ask them if it's something they provide for their clients. (Doesn't hurt to ask, does it?)

Here are some quick tips on things that will help your house look polished and perfect for your photos:

  • De-Clutter- Anything on the countertops or dressers will want to be put away and/or organized

  • Vaccuum- Making sure all floors look fresh and clean will help everything feel warm and welcoming

  • Clean- This seems like it would go without saying, but making sure your home is clean is the TOP thing you'll want to do before your listing photos

  • Details- Small things like opening the blinds, closing the toilet lids, and putting towels in the dirty laundry (hidden away from sight) will help the room look more put together

  • Put away all charging cords or miscellaneous cables- Nothing looks more cluttered than a bunch of cords tangled

  • Remove all Pet Items

  • Turn off Fans and TV/Computer Monitors

  • Sweep all outdoor areas and mow the lawn

  • Hide outdoor garbage cans

  • Clear all cars from the driveway

The marketing of your home is the most important piece of the selling puzzle, and having stunning photos is what will get people in your door for the showings. Having the items on this checklist completed will ensure that your home will be showcased in a way that will attract and invite people inside your doors.

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