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Hebdon Gender Reveal

I got the PLEASURE of hosting a gender reveal party for one of my very best friends! You guys.... she has had the gender on a scratch card for SEVEN weeks before we had this party, and had the willpower to wait it out! WHAT THE WHAAAAAT?!?!

Cake, Cupcakes, Macaroons: Temptation Cupcake Old Wives Tales Print: EAlex Designs

Banner and Cutouts: Bzbee Creations

Cerissa and Rodney came up with the idea of hosting a chalk war. Everybody got to pick either "team boy" or "team girl", and grabbed a squeeze bottle full of chalk powder. We lined everyone up along the field on teams, and the battle began. There was so much chalk everywhere (and I was in picture taking heaven)!! How cool are these action shots... #amiright?!

Apparently, someone thought that Cerissa and Rodney could be persuaded to have a boy by POUNDING them with blue powder... I'm pretty sure the baby will come out blue at this point.

Once the chalk was gone (because everyone went back to make sure every last bit was used), we had the big reveal. Cerissa didn't want to find out, was secretly hoping it was a girl, but REALLY thought she was having a boy. Rodney didn't care the gender, as long as he got himself a fishing partner!! So after all of the excitement, we shot those big chalk cannons up above their heads, and..........


I am so beyond excited to meet this little gal! She's gonna be one LUCKY girl!

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