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Hebdon Family| Logan, Ut Family Photographer

I honestly don't even know where to begin with this post. These people mean so dang much to me. This session will go down in the books as one of my most favorite I've ever shot, and I'd print them on my walls if that wasn't creepy! ;)

Cerissa wanted to recreate some of their engagement pictures since they were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this year. I loved this idea! They had photos taken in the railroad tunnel out by Cutler Dam, so we headed on an adventure.

We met for a sunrise session and found the most beautiful field of yellow thistles! Makes for some gorgeous pictures, but wast a little rough getting yourself out in the middle of that stuff! Then, we headed over through Petersboro to get to the train tracks. We found this gorgeous golden field with hints of green still popping through, and had to stop and roam through for a few minutes, too! We started walking towards the tunnel, and came to a huge bridge we had to get across to get to the tunnel. It had it's own little walkway to the side, but it was pretty far up from the ground. I am not one to be scared of heights, but I couldn't look down as we crossed what seemed to be the eternal bridge. Don't worry...we made it safely, but I was glad to not be on that thing while a train was passing us!

I love the photos we got from this re-creation, and this location is not somewhere I typically go for a session, so this was super fun for me. I love that I get to be there for special moments for my couples and families, and this was no exception. 10 years of marriage is no joke, and the perfect way to celebrate is to take family photos in my opinion! Love you Riss, Rod, and Em!

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