• Ashton

Hardy Extended Family | Bloomington Lake Family Photos

Oh. My. Goodness.

Where do I even begin with this session? Let's start with the fact that this family is the most BEAUTIFUL humans on the planet!! I had never met these guys until we met up at Bloomington Lake, and I was in awe of every single person's beauty! Such a good looking group of people. Combine that with the beauty of Bloomington Lake, and it just made for the most beautiful photos of all time!

Hayley is also a photographer in Brigham City, and booked me for these photos as they were on vacation over at Bear Lake. I am always so flattered when another photographer hires me, and this is no exception. Hayley's work is GORGEOUS, just like her! I'll shamelessly promote her beautiful work here!

Thank you Hardy family for having me, I loved your session so so much!

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