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Gardner Wedding | Bear Lake Idaho Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Bear Lake in the summer is unbeatable, in my opinion. Brendon and Cassie rented an entire cabin in Bear Lake for the entire weekend. They invited all of their close friends a family to stay with them and celebrated all weekend long. What a fun idea, right?! The morning of your wedding you wake up, hang out for the morning while everyone gets going, your hair and makeup artist comes to get you ready as you sip on a few drinks, then when everyone is ready to go, you just head out the door to the ceremony. There was no stress of "getting anywhere", and it was so nice to be able to go back and forth easily to get all of the photos during the quieter moments.

Then, after the reception they got to go inside and cool down without having to travel a long ways to get where they were going! The perfect day for someone as "homebody" as I am! ;)

The details on this wedding were so shabby chic and perfect! I loved the antlers that were incorporated throughout the day, but it was still pretty without being too over the top. Details are what makes your day go from just okay to fantastic. Don't forget the little signs for the tables, the prints from your engagements or bridal session, and the cute flowers everywhere! These will make your details pop!

My favorite part of the day was watching Brendon and Cassie's first dance. After the busyness of the day, it's like a deep breath to watch them slow down, hold each tight, and get to just soak each other in. When they first began to dance, Brendon spread his hands wide on Cassie's back and he pulled her in. This really stopped me in my tracks. It was as if he was protecting her by covering her up and pulling her as close as he could. I don't think there's a better way to start your marriage together than to feel that secure.

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