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Finding Joy In Chaos |Logan, UT Photographer

I made a decision in the beginning of the year that I was going to actually run my business like a business. To me, this meant feeling confident enough to charge what I charge for a session and sticking to my rates. I have found that educating myself is the #1 way to boost my confidence in my business, so I made a decision to invest in big-name workshops and education this summer. I have done a few smaller workshops in the past, and yes, I learned some, but I wanted to learn A LOOOOOT. I wanted to expand and grow, so I knew I'd have to invest in some higher end stuff.

I could talk about how darling this family is and how Finn was the cutest little flirt, but you already know that just looking through these pictures. Instead, I want to tell you how each time I've invested in my education this year I've grown in ways I didn't know I needed. I picked up one or two little technical tricks during this workshop, but mostly this workshop gave me so much confidence in myself and my business. I've struggled a LOT with "imposter syndrome" throughout my career, which has left me feeling super inadequate as a photographer and leaving me with crippling self-doubt at times. It slowly gets easier to claim myself as a "photographer" out loud to people, but I've found that educating myself this year has been the #1 way for me combat this. I leave each conference or mentor session uplifted, inspired, encouraged, and proud of what I've created.

I'll just leave you with all of the beautiful images we created that day of the darling Mccabe family.

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