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Family Photo Outfit Styling Tips

I often get asked what to wear for fall family photos. I'm going to share 5 styling tips that can help you simplify the process of matching outfits.

Styling Tip #1: Coordinate, don't match! Choose 2-3 colors for your palette, and then choose from different shades of this palette for everyone. For example: Dress mom first, then based on her pattern or color, choose complimentary colors that will blend well.

BONUS TIP: Neons are a hard NO! They don't photograph well and cast weird colors onto your skin

Styling Tip #2: Shop at the same store! Stores usually have "Collections" that drop each quarter that are based on the same color palette. Not only does it make it easier to make sure the colors will go well together, it makes it easier to only visit one store or website.

Bonus: My favorite stores to shop for outfits- Zara, H&M, Roolee, Fin and Vince, Childhoods, Gap, Target, and JCrew

Styling Tip #3: Mix It Up and Accessorize!

Now that we've covered colors, let's talk about fabrics and details. Mixing up different fabrics helps add dimension to your images. Cotton is always an easy go-to, but I LOVE adding linen and lace to other outfits to help mix it up.

Another way to add a little umph to your photos is to accessorize a few people in the group. These tall socks add the perfect detail to Elli's outfit. Think hats, ties, socks, jackets, belts, necklaces, etc.

Bonus: I love to add a jacket to one of my family members (especially boys) to help add texture. You can also add a vest to a little girl's outfit to give more dimension. Or add a collared shirt underneath a sweater for a little boy. These tips help give a layered look with so much pizzazz!

Styling Tip #4: Consider Home Decor! If you're really struggling to decide what colors you're going to wear this year, think about where you're going to place them in your home. If your home decor is filled with blues and pastel yellows, you can choose colors that are more of a soft palette like creams, chambray, sage greens, and mauve. If you have a brighter home decor style, choose bolder colors like mustard yellow, rust orange, navy blue, etc.

Bonus: Set up an outfit you have in mind next to your couch in your front room and see how it blends. If it feels too bold, then choose a softer color to base your outfits on!

Styling Tip #5: Communicate with your photographer. If you're still not sure what will work best, reach out to your photographer. They can help guide you based on location, experience, and lighting!

Bonus: Photographers will be able to send you colors that they love to photograph based on their editing style and experience. I love to send examples from past sessions in the location their shoot is scheduled to give them a visual of what it might look like.

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