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Cooper Family | Logan, Utah Family Photographer

I discovered this little park as I was training for my half marathon this fall. Well, I didn't, the ladies I run with took me here. Each time we ran this course (and every time I run it still), I am just in awe at the beauty around me. This is just a small part of the park that I've gotten to take pictures at, but there are so many more little nooks that I'm dying to shoot at!

The Cooper family came to their session, and I immediately fell in love with their girls. They were ready for the camera, and had the cutest little personalities. I loved pulling them each to the side for their portraits, because they both shined in their own unique way.

We spent the later part of our session in this open field that just had the dreamiest light. I loved having the girls play games and just run free out there. They were full of energy, and wanted to run.... so we let them! The sun was setting out behind them, and it made for some stellar hazy images.

I love getting to meet new clients, and hearing their stories of how they ended up together and in Cache Valley. It's such a big world out there, and the fact that people came to Logan to live from far away still amazes me. These guys came from Florida, and I can image that was quite the shock once winter comes around!

Thank you to the beautiful Cooper family for letting me in on a little piece of your history. I loved getting to know you and your story!

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