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Client Photo Tip: Spray Tan Tips and Tricks

How do you prepare for a spray tan?

Here are a few tips to help make your spray tan the most beneficial!

If possible, shower and gently exfoliate your skin the day BEFORE your tan. This helps your body produce extra amino acids to help the spray tan stick!

No lotions (and if possible, deodorants) the day of your tan.

Try and leave tan on for the full 24 hours before showering and rinsing off for maximum tan. On your first shower, use soap minimally (pits and privates) and rinse the rest of your body until the water runs clear.

Lotion, lotion lotion! Keeping the skin moist will help the tan fade evenly and extend the length of your tan!

And as always, I will FOREVER recommend the babes at GloMobile for tans! You can book your appointment with them here!

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