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Chris and Mackenzie | Tony Grove Engagements

When Mackenzie asked me if I was available for her wedding date I almost lost it! I love this lady, and I'm so happy that she's found someone that makes her so happy! Mack used to come to CrossFit with me years ago when she lived in Logan. She's the most upbeat and fun person to be around, so it's no wonder I was ecstatic when she asked me to be her wedding photographer!

Chris and Mackenzie used their engagement photos as an excuse to come visit family in Logan. I picked Tony Grove Lake because it's been stunning this summer, not knowing that it was a special place for Mack. Her mom has passed away, and it was one of her favorite places. We got to enjoy the scenery and remember her special mama while taking these gorgeous images. Beyond special, right??

Chris was so cute with Mack. The way he kept looking at her had me swooning. Find someone who looks at you the way Chris looks at Mackenzie! I am pumped for November 16th, I can't wait to fly to Arizona to get to spend the day with these two!

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