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Bride Tip: Bring Your Mom!

If you're like me, you were a liiiiiittle nervous showing up for pictures with your fiancé. You're scared that you won't know what to do with your hands, that your fiancé is going to be stiff in the pictures, that it's just going to be awkward altogether.

The best way to calm your nerves before and during your engagement session is to bring a helper. Plan on bringing someone who knows you best, that you're comfortable with, and is that brutally honest friend that you can trust! This person will help you relax, knowing that you've got someone who will fix your hair if it's just falling the wrong way. They will stand behind me to make you laugh, and it's just a fun memory to have had them there for your session!

Your mom will want to carry your florals, dress, or lipgloss, so when we need them, they are the first one to pop in and hand them over! Plus, we will sneak a little picture with her that you'll cherish forever! Win win!

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