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Bo 1 Year Cake Smash

Jenny has brought her kids to me for photos since her oldest was only a couple years old. When Bo was born, she even talked me into doing his newborn photos, even though I had announced I would no longer be offering them! I've loved watching them all grow up, and Bo is no different! He's a perfect mix of his older brothers, and he's such a dang sweetie.

We did his 1 year photos before we brought out the cake, and he did awesome!! He was such a little ham, and you can tell how much he love his mama. Once we brought the cake out, he wanted no part of it! I've never seen a baby so mad when they taste the cake and get their hands dirty! I got a kick out of it, and mom was a good sport.

Happy late birthday, Bobo! Glad we got to celebrate together!

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