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Beus Family\ Logan, Ut Family Photographer

When we were picking a location for these photos, Danny decided he wanted somewhere with lots of green before the colors started changing. I knew it had to be Tony Grove Lake. It took a bit of convincing for Kathryn, but we got her on board, and I'm sooooo glad we did. The colors, the light, this family... it was all pure perfection.

I'm obsessed with this mustard yellow color, and the contrast against the green was so good.

Kathryn was texting me the night before their session telling me she's always so worried about how they look in photos, and how much pressure she feels before their photos are done. I just want to share my tip that I gave to her, because I feel like it needs to be heard by every mom out there.

I said, "We will have fun. I want to capture you guys... not just the pretty pictures, but you guys for real. So don't feel pressured. Just love your kids."

Family photos are not about getting the perfect shot. Okay, maybe just one picture to hang up in the living room, but the rest should be about capturing your family and your love story. I can't tell you enough how much difference it makes when you show up with no expectations and no pressure. If we make it about an adventure or about playing games, your kids will not only have fun, but you'll get pictures of EXACTLY how your kids see the world. What's better than that??

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