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Baby Rayne- Utah Newborn Photographer

Ooooooooh baby, baby. Ashlee contacted me to schedule newborn photos for her sweet baby girl, and I was instantly sooooo excited. I'm obsessed with babies, ESPECIALLY NEWBORNS. We booked it tentatively for the first week of January, and she came right on time! I got to go over to their house and take the sweetest pictures of them right in their element. If you don't think pictures in your own home are for you, think AGAIN. When we booked, Ashlee told me that her house wasn't cute and didn't have anything special, but when I showed up, I was in HEAVEN. The light was dreamy + the nursery was darling, and the colors were just perfect!! It doesn't matter how "perfect" your home is, it only matters that it's your HOME. I'll let you see for yourself.

If you ever wonder what to dress your baby in for newborns, I suggest keeping it simple. We are focusing on your baby, not the clothes. Plain onesies, just diapers, and pretty swaddles are all you really need. Look how beautiful and simple these turned out.

I know that moms usually don't feel magnificent the week after they give birth, but I PROMISE you that you'll want pictures of that precious time that goes by waaaaaay too quickly. Getting in these pictures will be something you'll want to look back on one day when you've forgotten how tiny she was!

And invite grandma over to hang out with us, too!! Look how precious these three are. Grandma didn't want to be anywhere near the camera, but by the end I had her actually asking for a couple of pictures. Guys, it really is important!! Their hands next to each other's is my very favorite. Ever.

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