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Adams Family | Idaho Extended Family Photographer

This might just be the biggest family I've ever photographed! I've told you guys before that I'm from a huge family, so this just felt a little like home to me.

I drove up to my hometown, Pingree, Idaho, and met this family out by one of the reservoirs we grew up playing in. I rarely go back up to Pingree anymore, so driving down the roads I grew up on was super nostalgic for me.

I got to the location and started chatting with the family members as we were waiting for a few more to arrive. As I was talking to Nancy, the mom and grandma to all of these beautiful people, I kept thinking that I knew her from somewhere. It finally hit me that she had worked at my elementary school all those years ago. She remembered my mom and dad, and alll of my crazy siblings growing up, even though we've all lived in Utah for almost 15 years!

As we were finishing up, Nancy and gave me a hug and thanked me so sincerely for taking these pictures for them. I've kept coming back to this little moment, and have realized that THIS is why I do what I do. THIS is why being a photographer is so important to me. These photos are more than just pictures, they are memories and keepsakes of a mom and dad's greatest treasures- their family. I'm so grateful that I got to have this special moment, because it brought me back to my core and helped ME remember that what I do IS IMPORTANT. Thank you to the Adams family for having me, this session means the world to me.

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