About Me

Hey there!  I'm Ashton.  I'm a lifestyle, family, wedding, + everything in between photographer.  I'm located in Northern Utah, but travelling has always been a secret love for me!

I can't get enough of taking photos and capturing every nose-wrinkled laugh that I can find!  I love seeing real and raw emotions, whether that be that newlywed-kinda-love or those delivery room tears for a baby that has been long awaited. 

Each moment is special, and that's what I want to give to you: a way to remember those moments you'll NEVER want to forget.  I have a love for capturing you exactly how you are, even if the kids are being a titch grumpy!

Me in a nutshell:

Avid CrossFitter and Coach.  Mom to two wild boys. Love to travel, but mostly to discover those hidden gem restaurants--I'm eating my way around the world one city at a time!  Messy bun lover, you can find my hair up about 97% of the time.  Chocolate addict.  Love to lip-sync in the car. Gimme all the SUUUUN!  A few spoonfuls of peanut butter a day keeps the doctor away.

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